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Welcome to East Slope Design Studios

Our focus is on designing environmentally friendly homes that are unique, comfortable, and elegant. We also offer solid wood furniture and curated goods, prioritizing good design, sustainability, and American-made when possible. We are here to listen to your needs and help make your dreams a reality. We’ll work collaboratively to create something we both will be proud of. As we work together, I will ensure that the materials and systems we use benefit the planet and your local community and bring joy to your life.

Our Services

We are here to help you build your dream.

Through honest and direct feedback, we’ll explore design solutions that utilize the right materials and systems so that the final form helps the planet, and brings joy to your life.

Architectural - Residential

We are a licensed full-service architectural firm with a large network of building trade professionals. We will take your project from the initial design concept through construction completion. We don’t push our agenda. By listening to your needs, we will create a thoughtful and elegant design within your aesthetic. Our approach puts our clients first by designing and building their dreams.

Architectural - Commercial

We are a licensed full-service architectural design firm with a large network of building trade professionals. We will take your project from the initial design concept through construction completion. We have experience in tenant finish, multi-family homes, office spaces, breweries, boutique retail, and restaurants. We also have experience with climbing gyms and steel building construction.

Interior Design

We take an integrative approach to interior design and believe that it is important for interior design to be coordinated with the architecture. 

We primarily offer fixed-finish selections including; countertops, cabinets, plumbing selections, flooring, lighting, powered window coverings, etc. We also offer custom furniture design. 

Furniture Design

We create heirloom quality furniture in a wide range of styles from dining tables to dressers. We utilize local supply chains, zero VOC finishes, and solid wood, utilizing sustainably forested when possible. We believe that quality-built furniture with timeless design can be handed down for generations. Quality construction allows for future refinishing and multigenerational use. These all combine to provide you with a product to be proud of that will outlive its carbon cycle.

At East Slope, we will…

✓ Listen to your needs to find the best solutions for *you*

We don’t push our agenda – we want to build your dream, not ours. We truly listen to what you need to find solutions in elegant ways.

✓ Guide you through the design process & be with you through construction

At East Slope, we believe successful projects come from good collaboration – both with you the client, and the contractors. During our ‘Construction Obersevation’ phase we make sure the design intent is followed through to completion.

Learn more about Our Process below.

✓ Create elegant & detail oriented design solutions

By listening to your unique needs we strive to find elegant design solutions that also create harmony by pulling all of the elements of the design together by material selection, design details, and overall style.

✓ Source materials that are sustainable and green

Throughout the process we will be intentional about our decisions in materials, processes, and systems to ensure that the final form helps the planet, helps your local community, and brings joy to your life. We believe in sourcing locally and utilizing American-made products when possible.

✓ Create energy efficient designs

We’ll listen to your needs and utilize our experience and professional network to make your home as energy-efficient as is practical for your budget.

Through appropriate thermal envelope design and selecting the right mechanical systems paired with renewable energy systems, we will create an energy-efficient design that is intuitive and comfortable for daily use.

Our Work

The Pines
Cellar Gallery
Custom Furniture
Design + Fabrication
Project Team:

Interior Design: Moser Art & Design

Contractor: Petra Custom Builders

Photographer: Ryan Lawrence Photography

Our Process

~ 3 weeks
Schematic Design
~ 6 Weeks
Design Development
~ 8 Weeks
Construction Documents
~ 12 Weeks
Construction Observation
~ Varies


Time Length: ~ 3 Weeks

  • The information-gathering stage
  • For Remodels, Additions, and Tenant Finish:
    » Measure all existing conditions
    » Create CAD files
    » Convert PDF files to CAD drawings
    » Format outside CAD files to our standards
  • For All projects::
    » Comprehensive code and zoning review
    » Coordinate survey of property, if needed
    » Coordinate soil tests, if needed

Schematic Design

Time Length: ~ 6 weeks

  • Develop the basic form of the building or layout of the plans
  • Create a simple site plan that will reflect zoning requirements
  • Look at several solutions and iterations of the design
  • Throughout this phase:
    » Review site plan
    » Review floor plans
    » Review 3D models

Design Development

Time Length: ~ 8 Weeks

  • Explore the details of the project further
  • Based on the design path selected in the schematic design phase we will continue to refine the 3D model and floor plans
  • Start to look at major material and system selections
  • Select and engage the required professional team members:
    » Structural Engineer
    » Mechanical Designer and Energy Rater
    » Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing Engineers, and Civil Engineer
  • At the end of this phase, we typically send a DD set out for competitive bidding
    » We can also develop a lender set for loan documentation

Construction Documents

Time Length: ~ 12 Weeks

  • In “CD” we design less and produce more.
  • Create both a permit set and a construction set.
  • Coordination with the professional team members.
  • By the end of this phase, we have a complete Construction Document set that we can:
    » Apply for building permits
    » Begin building the project off of

Construction Observation

Time Length: ~ Varies

  • During this phase, we will have several owner, architect, and builder meetings to both update and clarify the design, project objectives, and schedule.
    » These meetings also provide an opportunity to limit any confusion, give a platform for client requests, and keep the team updated on schedule/progress.
  • We will observe construction and ensure that the design intent is followed.
    » *This phase is not intended to review construction means and methods.*

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About East Slope

Lead Architect + Craftsman, Ryan Costner

Ryan is a licensed Architect in Colorado who earned a degree in Environmental Design focusing on Architecture from CU Boulder. During his 15-year career as an Architect, he has developed expertise in using 3D design as a tool for design and communication. Ryan has extensive experience in designing custom residential projects, including both remodels and new builds. He has also designed commercial spaces such as a climbing gym, breweries, restaurants, multi-family homes, and offices. In recognition of his residential design work, Colorado Home and Lifestyles Magazine awarded him the Five Under Forty Design Award in 2019.

Ryan’s passion for craftsmanship began at a young age when he used to build furniture with his dad in the driveway. He has carried this hobby and passion throughout his life and continues to push his designs and construction techniques to higher standards. His pieces are built to last and intended to become handed-down heirlooms, honoring the quality of the hardwood trees they come from. Multi-generational furniture supports a sustainable future, which is what Ryan strives to achieve through his work.

Ryan’s plans for East Slope Design Studios involve designing structures with thoughtful, sustainable designs. He intends to use the latest construction methods and material science technologies to achieve this. Ryan believes that a client-first approach is crucial, and he wants his clients to feel heard and valued throughout the design process, no matter the size of the project.


Licensed Architect

Member of AIA

A Few of the Things I Answer to:


My wife’s love and support have played a significant role in shaping the person I am today. She has always been my biggest supporter, challenging me to be the best version of myself. 


I am extremely proud to be the father of three incredible children & I thoroughly enjoy watching them develop into the remarkable individuals they are becoming.


Creating something beautiful and real with tools & your hands is a passion of mine. It keeps me grounded in the reality of creating and building.


As a Coloradan, I feel a deep connection to this state. I am eager to collaborate with you & make our small impact here.